Dec. 25th, 2016

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Happy Holidays, everyone. I hope they're great. Mine has been as good as it could be. I have a different rubric for "good" nowdays. I have survived it thus far, so let's call it a win. On Monday we (me and the room mates) had friends over for dinner and that was nice. Then a busy week of work and my last final for this semester. Thursday was the company christmas party, then tonight before leaving for work the household did stockings and presents. I had said earlier in the morning that my diet the last couple of weeks had been awful and I needed to eat something green that wasn't a cookie. I said this as I was eating a green, tree-shaped cookie for breakfast. So Jessica put a bag of brussel sprouts in my stocking. I got some yarn and two books, and a book I had ordered for myself arrived in the mail today, so I am all set in the present department. Now it's nearing the end of my night shift at work, and I've been knitting and listening to audiobook all night. I listened to The Bungalow House by Thomas Ligotti, read by Jon Padgett, whose book I just received in the mail today. Once I get off work I'll be heading to Boston to hang out with a friend and her family for a while. Everyone stay safe, have fun, and be kind to someone who needs it today.

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