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Happy Holidays, everyone. I hope they're great. Mine has been as good as it could be. I have a different rubric for "good" nowdays. I have survived it thus far, so let's call it a win. On Monday we (me and the room mates) had friends over for dinner and that was nice. Then a busy week of work and my last final for this semester. Thursday was the company christmas party, then tonight before leaving for work the household did stockings and presents. I had said earlier in the morning that my diet the last couple of weeks had been awful and I needed to eat something green that wasn't a cookie. I said this as I was eating a green, tree-shaped cookie for breakfast. So Jessica put a bag of brussel sprouts in my stocking. I got some yarn and two books, and a book I had ordered for myself arrived in the mail today, so I am all set in the present department. Now it's nearing the end of my night shift at work, and I've been knitting and listening to audiobook all night. I listened to The Bungalow House by Thomas Ligotti, read by Jon Padgett, whose book I just received in the mail today. Once I get off work I'll be heading to Boston to hang out with a friend and her family for a while. Everyone stay safe, have fun, and be kind to someone who needs it today.

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We had our household yule gathering last night. For those who are new, or not aware, of my household configuration, it looks like this: my housemates are Jessica and Chris, and Jessica's daughter Ari. I have known Jessica for about 15 years and Ari sees me as an uncle. Jessica and Chris are polyamorous, so not living with us, but part of the family, are Monty and Josh, two of Jessica's other partners, and Ruby, Christina and Sonya, Monty's other partners. So we had quite the houseful last night. Jessica and I gave each other the same gift (The Exploding Kittens expansion set), and I got some Bombus socks, so now I'm ready to run to Tanis! They're actually super comfortable. Ari gave me a cat calendar, which was adorable. So for me, yule and christmas are more or less done. I have my last final in a few hours, then I'm out of school until January 23rd. I'm looking forward to reading for fun. I haven't finished a book that wasn't for school work since August. 


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